View Full Version : 120mm Makro-Symmar lens, information needed

Robert Ley
29-Apr-2004, 11:13
Does anyone know of the image circle for the above lens at infinity. The Schneider web site gives the image circle for 1:1, but I know it will be less at infinity. I am interested in using this lens as a general purpose lens, not as a macro lens exclusively. Any info would be appreciated.

Ole Tjugen
29-Apr-2004, 12:17

Since the film-to-lensnode distance at 1:1 is 2x the focal length, and the film-to-lensnode distance at infinity is (by definition) the focal length, the image circle at infinity is half of what it is at 1:1.

Robert Ley
29-Apr-2004, 16:33
Thanks Ole- I was afraid that this was the case. The image circle is 250mm @ 1:1, so this lens will not cover 4x5 at infinity. I guess that solves my dilemma. Thanks again for your timely reply.

Armin Seeholzer
30-Apr-2004, 02:07
Hi Robert

The Rodenstock APO Macro Sironar covers 4x5 at infinity but is not easy to focus on an overcoast day at infinity! In the Rodenstock brochure day state: 1:1 60 covering 277mm at f8-11, 1:5 70 covering 201mm at f 8-11 Good light!

Walter Glover
1-May-2004, 02:33

I got caught in a spot once and did an infinity cityscape with the Makro-Symmar HM 120mm on 4x5 and I am glad to say that at f22 it JUST covered. It was also razor sharp I might add.