View Full Version : GOMZ shutter disassembly

30-Jan-2013, 15:38

I recently found a Russian large format lens in a box of discarded lab equipment, an Ortagoz 13,5cm f/4,5. It is most probably from a Fotokor no. 1 9x12cm folding plate camera. Not a great lens by modern standards, but interesting enough for me :). I like old optics. This one is from 1935, if it happens to follow the usual Soviet serial number pattern.

The lens is in a primitive GOMZ shutter, which seems to function normally. The only trouble is the aperture: some leaves don't move in accordance with the others - quite possibly, one or two of the little axis posts are broken or some leaves have slipped off the posts. I would like to get the shutter apart and to see if I can fix it. It's a low-value item, so I would like to DIY, if possible. From pictures on the web, I'd guess that the GOMZ shutter is a stab at copying a dial-set Compur. I could take some pictures tomorrow.

I can screw off the lens elements easily. Next, there are three small screws on the back side of the shutter that I thought would hold the shell together. I removed those but no luck: the front and rear parts won't separate. Maybe it's just stuck and some force need to be applied but hopefully there's a trick I'm not seeing. Does anyone have any experience with these Russian gadgets?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ott Luuk