View Full Version : Film movement, long exposures, and Polaroid Type 55

David R Munson
28-Apr-2004, 15:17
Pretty simple question - has anyone here ever had any problems with film flattness and/or movement while doing long exposures with Polaroid Type 55? I love this film and now hat I don't have a darkroom at my disposal intend to use it a lot more, including for long-exposure night work. I've done it once before and got good results, but have neither done enough to base a solid evaluation on or have film on hand to experiment more at the moment.

Henry Ambrose
28-Apr-2004, 15:28
David, I've never had problems with Type 55 along these lines but you do have that big sail of a package hanging out there from the film holder. Wind might cause you trouble on long exposures.

Walter Glover
28-Apr-2004, 15:50

Henry is on the right track. The Achilles heel of all packet films (PN55, Ready Load, Quick Load, etc.) is the protruding envelope flapping about in the breeze. Think about it. The roller assembly becomes a fulcrum for the 'lever' of the envelope to pivot upon thus causing a similar 'bowing' of the material the other side of the fulcrum. A sort of see-saw effect.

Given the reciprocity characteristics of the Polaroid material long exposures would be the order of the day ('night'?) in many situations. Maybe the pressure plate of the non-Polaroid holders minimises this problem in some situations but once you enlarge your negative any movement is amplified.

Be aware of the risk and exercise all due caution is all I can suggest.

David R Munson
29-Apr-2004, 11:36
Good thoughts. I think what I may do is to engineer some sort of bracket I can attach to my camera back, maybe just using something like armature wire, that I can clip the paper to so as to minimize the cance of wind-based film movement. Shouldn't be too hard.