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29-Jan-2013, 08:44
Hey guys,

I just recently acquired a Calumet monorail. I believe it is the CC-400 going by the serial number. At any rate. I got this camera at such a good price that I am willing to spend or build whatever I need to make it functional again but I seem to be having trouble locating parts. Also, since I am unfamiliar with this camera, I am not quite sure what all it's missing. Thought I'd post a few pics here and see what info I could find.

29-Jan-2013, 09:05
AT first glance, it doesn't look like anything is missing (although sharper images would help to determine that as well as images showing the bottom of the camera. Calumet repairs in Chicago (1-800-Calumet and ask for Jose) still has some parts available for this camera so anything that does turn up missing just might be sitting on a shelf there for you. Good luck.

29-Jan-2013, 09:55
Thanks for the reply. These are the pictures I took from the ebay listing. as soon as it's in my hands i will put some better pics up. it looks to me like i'm missing tons of stuff in the front. To be honest I may be overly excited about what i have here but i am super anxious to get it working so I can use it. Here's a few more pics

29-Jan-2013, 10:06
Well you are missing a lens.

29-Jan-2013, 10:12
Well you are missing a lens.

Yeah i'm pretty sure I am and I think i am missing more than just the lens and lens board. all the ones i've been looking at have the lens filter and so on but non of the parts i'm finding have it.

Peter Mounier
29-Jan-2013, 10:58
Looks like the only thing missing from the front, besides the lens, is the logo ...



Roger Thoms
29-Jan-2013, 11:13
This might help. http://www.cameraeccentric.com/html/info/calumet_3.html

Camera looks complete to me. Yes you need a lens and the appropriate lens board. Oh and film holders, dark cloth, light meter, tripod, ect. Seems like you need to do a little research and learn more about LF. The home page is a good place to start. http://www.largeformatphotography.info/


29-Jan-2013, 11:16
I have everything else :)

29-Jan-2013, 11:16
Ditto with Peter. I've owned four of these in various forms over the decades and it really looks like everything is there other than the only vital part that is not visible in the images which are the two bubble levels that are on either side of the strap handle. If those are there and still filled, other than one heck of a clean up, it looks like you are home free.

Jon Shiu
29-Jan-2013, 13:00
People will often replace the friction pads for the tilt locks with something like gasket material. This is so that the tilt don't slip when inserting film holder etc.


Too Many Cameras
29-Jan-2013, 19:22
Looks like my CC-400. With my CC-401 I had problems moving the front standard with the quick release. I found that a tiny screw is missing from the hinge that releases the internal friction grip. Also, the corrosion on your spring back could be an issue in the long run if you store it in a box with any moisture -- especially if you keep it in a box with other gear. That could be pretty easily cleaned with a Dremel fitted with a (soft) brass wire brush. Recoating it to prevent future corrosion could be problematic. I used a zero VOC black paint to recoat inside an older 35mm folding camera after I repaired the body due to rust perforations. If price is no issue, having it powder coated may be an option. Actually, the whole camera could use some touch-ups. That said, pretty photos don't require pretty paint.

29-Jan-2013, 19:25
i have one of these as well, and yours looks fine to me, these are tough old cameras, enjoy it.

29-Jan-2013, 19:37
I plan to. I will be using it to do some wet plate work. I'm using this one and an old graphlex. I saw this one in eBay yesterday and managed to snag it for 16.50us and was tickled to death. I can't wait to get it in the field. I spoke with Jose at calumet earlier and got the missing parts. I plan to do a thorough cleaning when it arrives

29-Jan-2013, 21:50
wow, that was a great deal, cheapest i have seen them go i think was about 50 bucks