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28-Jan-2013, 23:36
So I picked this head up on the auction site. I thought it looked an awful lot like the Linhof three way head. After much searching i couldnt find any info about it, but did find a couple pics that look like yet another iteration on the three way design. It arrived today and is definitely a solid head. There is no identifiable markings, but the knobs sure look like a linhof styling choice. I wonder if there would be any way to replace the allen screw with a knob or lever, like the newer version. The design may prevent this, but either way its a cool old school head that's great with the vintage tech iv. Bob, what say you?
My head8819188192
Head I found online8818988190

Teodor Oprean
29-Jan-2013, 21:50
It could have been made by Plaubel or by Schiansky.

Keith Fleming
29-Jan-2013, 22:31
In picture #3, are there letters on the yellow knob at the bottom of the photo? If so, that might be a clue.


30-Jan-2013, 06:56
That is a linhof tripod, to be sure. In those pics, the head is mounted upside down from the way mine is mounted. I'm sure mine is mounted right.
I've search plaubel and Schiansky and nothing that comes up looks close. Given, this is a vintage head, there may not be a ton of images or info about it online. On another note, Plaubel's three way head looks very nice!

30-Jan-2013, 07:43
The pan base (on top, for whatever reason) on the online ones has the Linhof (or Schiansky, who made the tripods for Linhof and eventually merged with them) looks, with that milled aluminium grip surface. Your head has nothing of that, and looks more like it might be a predecessor of my Plaubel head - but I suspect that some OEM was behind the latter, so these might have been sold under several brands.

Bob Salomon
30-Jan-2013, 09:00
No enigma. It is not a Linhof head. The tripod in the online pictures is an early model of the old Linhof 003324 Record tripod.

30-Jan-2013, 13:36
Oh well. The head is substantial and should serve me well. Thanks for all the help guys! Plus, I learned about Schiansky and the connection with Linhof. I hadn't known of there connection before :)