View Full Version : How to Lubricate a Grafmatic Holder

Michael Rosenberg
28-Jan-2013, 13:51
With the demise of Readyloads I had dusted off some of my Grafmatics this summer, and was looking forward to using them on the next trip.

Many of the Grafmatics did not slide very well when shuffling film, and one would require a bit of force. I was unsure of how to lubricate them in a way that would not transfer a residue to my fingers, and then to film. It hit me one day that when I would wax my car with a good carnauba wax that when it dried the paint would be slippery. I took the worse one and dismantled the outer light-tight shell. I removed old lubricant and debris with Maguire’s car paint restorer, and I was amazed at the amount of dirt and grit removed. I did have to take an x-acto blade and remove dirt from corners on the side of the slide. I then used Maguire’s carnauba polish on all the contact surfaces using a good low lint cloth. It worked! The metal parts slide back and forth easily.

28-Jan-2013, 15:02
Whoa, this is good to know!!

28-Jan-2013, 22:58
How easy and to what degree is the disassembly? It makes sense that in time they will gum up. I have seven in two sizes.

Paul Ewins
29-Jan-2013, 04:41
Someone on this site recommended bicycle chain lubricant (Ice Wax) to me years ago and I have been using it happily ever since. Stiff slides are usually due to some sort of mechanical obstruction (loose screws, bent or broken parts) and once those are fixed a little of the chain lube applied to the sides of the tray gets it moving sweetly again.

Jonathan Barlow
29-Jan-2013, 16:58
Factory bicycle chain lubricant is paraffin wax; the chain is dipped in heated wax and allowed to dry. It works well because it doesn't attract grit like oil, grease, or WD-40.