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27-Jan-2013, 18:13
As the title says, going to ramble/complain a bit but just wanted to say that my 'pristine' copal 1 had an epic failure today. I was shooting portraits on a rooftop today in morocco and I was working fast - 50 sheets in 15 min or so and I went to trip the shutter and it made a very unsatisfying sound. A quick look to the front and there was a shutter leaf just chilling in my lens - totally detached itself. Very lame. As this lens has some heft to it and I was on a roof, I was very tempted to launch it into space. Alas, I didn't and I have all the pieces.

This just goes In the file of 'glad I bring backup gear' file.

So, what's a fix on the shutter cost???

Erik Larsen
27-Jan-2013, 18:16
I had a similar occurrence with a coral 0. The little pin on the leaf sheared off. A replacement leaf and all was good again. I would think any shutter repair place would have a spare leaf laying around.

27-Jan-2013, 18:20
I had a Copal 1 (for a Nikkor 210 also coincidentally) fixed by Carol Miller not too long ago. ran me around $75. She's not taking new work right now though AFAIK.


Daniel Stone
27-Jan-2013, 18:23
Here's a Copal 1, just swap in you current scales and bingo:


Might be an option whilst your other shutter is under repair, doesn't help you while in Morocco of course, but once you're back?


Nathan Potter
27-Jan-2013, 21:46
50 sheets in 15 minutes! Hollis you must have been using a LF roll film back. 4 in, 5 in. or 8 in. wide rolls? Where'd you get it? Aerial film mods?

Nate Potter, Austin TX.

28-Jan-2013, 08:20
50 sheets in 15 minutes! Hollis you must have been using a LF roll film back. 4 in, 5 in. or 8 in. wide rolls? Where'd you get it? Aerial film mods?

I was thinking similar... but wondering how you got a motordrive on your 4x5. The good news is that you can replace that lens/shutter (together or separately) fairly easily if it is not affordably repairable.

Brian C. Miller
28-Jan-2013, 09:14
50 sheets in 15 minutes is moving, but it's not that fast. That's 18 seconds per exposure. Grafmatics are much faster. (AFAIK, my Speedotron brown line doesn't recycle in 18sec.)

+1 on the temporary lens swap to another Copal 1 shutter. The repair cost should be reasonable, and Badger Graphics has new shutters for sale.

28-Jan-2013, 14:39
Thanks for the link Daniel but you're right, no good while here. I still have the leaf - just leaving it inside the lens for now. No motor drive here - just fast hands and staying focused. It's really not that hard when you have your holders all laid out and ready to rock - just hit it and go. We'll see what they look like when home.

30-Jan-2013, 03:26
@ Fotoguy20d

Dan, can't send you a message re 75mm, your inbox is full...