View Full Version : What is the Yelw/Blu/Wht/Red switch on my Goerz Rectagon 6 inch lens?

27-Jan-2013, 15:13
Just acquired a Goerz Rectagon 6" f.6 lens. On the side there's a small switch that can be cocked like a shutter, with a scale of 25/20/5/0, the color labels, and a tiny knurled knob.

What does it do???

Will appreciate all advice.


Earl Nash

Jim Noel
27-Jan-2013, 15:57
That is the control for synchronization. It can be set for bulbs with 5 millisecond or 20 millisecond delay as well as zero delay and strobes.

30-Jan-2013, 02:52
Thanks so much! So... a 0 setting would be for a strobe?

30-Jan-2013, 09:02
I was thinking it might be to engage internal filters -- would not that be cool?!

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
30-Jan-2013, 10:30
Could you attach an image please? I would like to see what this looks like.

Bernice Loui
30-Jan-2013, 10:49
Ilex shutter..

The dial with color dots are used to set the flash sync delay. Back in the flash bulb days, the flash bulb would be ignited first and the shutter would be delayed by some unit of time to allow the burning of the flash bulb to produce peak light output before opening the shutter exposing the film.

The color dots correspond to delay in milliseconds. Use 0 milliseconds (red dot) for X sync electronic strobes.

Pull the lever down to wind the flash sync delay or there will be no flash trigger.