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Dean Taylor
27-Jan-2013, 11:40

Please advise as to preferred method of bellows repair--pinholes in Speed Graphic bellows.

Two remedies came up in my search: 1) black fabric paint (apparently a WalMart item), and 2) "Brush-On Electrical Tape" by Blue Magic, Inc., Conroe, TX

Any repair success stories to share, protocols, etc., gratefully received!



Gem Singer
27-Jan-2013, 12:04
Automobile parts stores sell tubes of black silicone gasket forming material.

A quick and easy method of eliminating pin holes in a bellows.

27-Jan-2013, 13:22

Bob Salomon
27-Jan-2013, 13:50
The only real repair is a replacement bellows. If your bellows has developed pinholes it will develop more pinholes.

Tape and paint will only make the bellows less flexible then a proper replacement and may fail and still ruin shots.

Jim Jones
27-Jan-2013, 20:30
For bellows with a fabric lining, I use black artist's acrylic paint, thinly applied and well scrubbed in to the lining with a soft toothbrush.

19-Mar-2013, 15:56
I've used goop called liquid electrical tape. It's about what it sounds like -- a gooey black brush-on adhesive. It's light tight and super flexible. Plus, it was easy to use. I racked the bellows out and shone a bright light at the corner of the bellows. I dabbed a bit of the liquid electrical tape on the inside corners and let it dry a day (probably not necessary, but I didn't want it to stick). It's been more than a year now and it's holding well!

You can find the liquid electrical tape at your local hardware store, or online. Hope this helps!