View Full Version : Toyo 6x9 Rollfilm back and sinar f

Christoph Selbach
27-Apr-2004, 04:24
The Toyo 6x9 rollfilm back is said to bee quite thick (48 mm I believe) - does anyone have experience with it on a sinar graflock back ? Will it slide into - or will I have to remove the ground glass ? Thanks a lot . Christoph

Dave Schneider
27-Apr-2004, 09:45
I had to remove the plastic slides on the side of my Toyo holder before I could mount it on my Sinar F2. The plastic slides hit the opposite side of the frame before it is fully seated. Those plastic slides keep the ground glass from resting against the back of the film holder. Once they are removed the glass could be scratched by the holder. You could cut the ends off the plastic slides and then it might work. It would be awfully hard to force the holder under the glass without moving the camera.

There is another problem with the Toyo holder in that it won't work properly with the Sinar F2 in the vertical orientation. I don't recall precisely where the problem was but I recall I could only use it horizontally. I suggest always removing the ground glass when using roll film holders, it just seems to work better.

By the way, the Polaroid 405 pack film holders will not work in the Sinar without some modifications either.

Christoph Selbach
28-Apr-2004, 01:23
Thanks a lot for your reply - this really saved me quite some money.... Could you recommend any 6x9 Rollfilm Backs for Sinar which will work well ? The sinar 6x9 is said to be quite good regarding film flatness - but it is not offered very often via ebay- are there real alternatives ? Is Horseman working fine ? Thanks Christoph