View Full Version : Caps and filter size for Caltar II - N 135mm

26-Jan-2013, 20:12
I just bought my first large format camera kit. It came with a Caltar II - N MC f/5.6 135mm with no caps. I've searched online and haven't found a definitive lens cap/filter size for both ends. The front ID is 40mm and the OD 42mm, near as I can tell. The back OD is 40mm.

So I'm thinking a 40mm clip on cap for the front would work and a 40mm slip on would work for the back. Does anyone let me know for sure before I buy?



26-Jan-2013, 20:46
The back cap shows 40.5mm and the front one shows 42mm written on the inside. It is a very nice lens.


26-Jan-2013, 21:07
Thanks Ibenac!

Ivan J. Eberle
2-Feb-2013, 16:04
The specs on this lens are precisely the same as for the Rodenstock Sironar N or Apo Sironar N 135mm f/5.6, incidentally, and I found these to be available online a while ago. The only dimension for the lens that sticks in my mind is the front 40.5mm filter thread

1-Nov-2013, 20:11
I've read that in several places now but actually its the other way around, 40.5 in back and 42 in front on my Caltar II-N. But I suspect you've figured that out in the past 9 months.

3-Nov-2013, 12:07
My bad; I was actually reading several threads and replied to the wrong one with the wrong information. The front filter size is indeed 40.5, and the lens cap is 42