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26-Jan-2013, 12:57
Can someone show me where this part goes, in my Copal No. 1? I pasted in a shot of its flip-side too.

I can't find a picture on the web, at least where I recognize it.

I bought the shutter with the blade-parts falling out, so I took it apart and got the blades in later.
I waited too long, and don't remember how the rest was put together.
Looks like it might pull on the shutter-blades, but I don't know.



27-Jan-2013, 22:47
Google-images brought up a pic with the front-plate on that solved that part of it. It's from here:

Cocking and release doesn't work right (snaps from open to open, stuff like that), and the little lighter-than-hair spring on the stepped-triangular piece near the release has flown off. Hmm.

28-Jan-2013, 04:33
Perhaps a better route would be to carefully package all the parts and send this off to a fully qualified repair person like Carol at Flutotscamerarepair.com. Good luck.

28-Jan-2013, 22:29
Does anyone have a pic of a Copal 1 with the front off?

Now, what I want to look at is the position of parts, maybe around the release; something that would confirm how the parts and springs are supposed to sit.

I don't think much is wrong with this shutter.

I didn't put it on a DIY forum just to get another plug for Flutot's. Maybe I can get it working and post some pics myself, since there aren't many around.

Right now I'm wondering where I could get thin enough springy-wire to make another little spring.

I wonder if it went up my nose.

29-Jan-2013, 08:52
Here's an option if nothing else pans out:


29-Jan-2013, 22:36
Thanks, a service manual would be good. That one says it's a parts-list, and costs the same as I paid for the shipped shutter - coincidence. Earlier I downloaded a Prontor manual, and found the Compur manual pages, learned some things from those. Might go back to them.

The story is: I bought a broken camera with an old Goerz Dagor in it, for the lens. After awhile I realized it had just taken a nose-dive, and I straightened it out. It's a Huttig Ideal, predecessor of the ICA and Zeiss ones. It's the 5x7 size. The shutter is an old dial-set Ilex, the style that looks like rabbit-ears. It's missing the face, but I got it to work in "B" mode. I made a film-holder out of mat-board (think someone on this site posted his, and I did it like him). So I'm using it to take 5x7 pictures onto photo-paper. The shutter doesn't have a cable-release hole, so I'm seeing if I can cobble the Copal together enough to take its place.

21-Feb-2013, 20:41
I've attached the Copal #1 exploded diagram and photos of the difficult spots. I have additional images. Let me know if there is another section for which you need the image. Also - watch out for the one left hand screw - if one screw with a broad flat head does not come out easily, chances are you need to turn it the other way.

21-Feb-2013, 20:45
Here is the exploded diagram.89938

22-Feb-2013, 21:25
That's just great! I'm very excited to have those; thanks a lot!