View Full Version : Question on Focussing/Distance Scales for Field Cameras

25-Jan-2013, 11:30
Does anyone know of a resource anywhere on the web for downloadable jpgs of distance scales for various lens focal lengths.

In the past I have set up the camera with a tape measure and made my own scales but they never look that great. I wonder if someone has a collection somewhere they might share.. Mebee it's out there but I don't know where to look..


25-Jan-2013, 12:26
I'm not sure what you are looking for or what you want it for. Are you looking for something equivalent to the depth of field scales on 35mm or medium format lenses?

Bob Salomon
25-Jan-2013, 12:33
Essentially what you are looking for is a set of scales like the ones Linhof uses on the Technika cameras. For 4x5 they make them for 72 to 360mm focal lengths and they mount to a slide-in shoe that holds up to 3 scales at a time.

These scales are available new from Linhof service centers and used on auction sites. They are fairly common used sale items so you can always buy the ones you need and copy them, if necessary. Since the index pointer that indicates the distance is part of the Linhof you would still have to fabricate some type of pointer for the scales to be useful. Also the Linhof uses infinity stops that the front standard is pulled out against and at which point the lens is focused at infinity and the index pointer on the camera points to infinity on the scale.
You would have to figure out where infinity is for each lens and configure some type of indicator or index so you have a start point when using the scales.
In your case Linhof service is Nippon Photoclinic in Manhatten. Also dealers like Foto Care in NY could have used scales. So would a Quality Camera in Atlanta or KEH also in Atlanta.

25-Jan-2013, 16:47
Cool cool.. I have been looking on the bay but did not turn up anything.. I have a Horseman FA which has a reversible strip of focal length distance scales but lacks one for the 135.. I guess I can make one in Photoshop based on measurements made on the bed with the 135 lens.. But I was thinking it seemed some how likely that some kind sole out there might have compiled a bunch of these or jpgs of them so they could simply be printed out for the lens one has. (perhaps theres a forum somewhere devoted to us nutty LF Handy boys and girls..)
I know the pedants out there are going to say that what is 135 for a Rodenstock is not necessarily exactly the same could be 3% or so off. But lets face it we are talking about hand holding a 4x5 here. where much of we do is governed by experience. Like when we push the f stop a little more because we know the film can take it. So i will check out those places mabee I can find a linhoff scale online and copy it..