View Full Version : Canham to Linhof lensboard adapter---is it feasible?

Kimberly Anderson
25-Jan-2013, 07:44
So I have six lenses mounted on Canham boards. I also have this nifty Linhof. I'd like to use my mounted lenses on the Linhof. I'm searching for an adapter, but all I find is one that goes from small to big, in the traditional way. What I want to do is cram a square peg into a round hole. Just wondering if anyone has seen such a creature. I do have one lens on a Linhof board, a 121mm, but I'd like to be able to use the rest of my collection.


25-Jan-2013, 08:27
At worst, you can take a canham board with a suitable sized 2nd board similar to a Canham or larger in front( to provide a small space to work the retaining hardware). In front of that you can place any adapter that goes down to a tech board. bolt the three together and you are good to go.
Or contact Richard Ritter or, of course, SKGrimes

Tony Lakin
25-Jan-2013, 08:30
Probably no use to you but I have two metal Canhams, a JMC 8x10 and a DLC 5x4, both cameras are fitted with adapters to allow the use of Technica boards, a lot of LF photographers standardise on Technica boards and use adapters for other cameras, the reason is not that they use Technica cameras, rather that the Technica boards are easy to come by (I use cheaper generic boards) they are also small any easy to pack and carry.

Louis Pacilla
25-Jan-2013, 09:23
Hey Micheal, Maybe Keith can make the adapter board for you. You can always call Keith to ask the question. I believe the contact # is in the upper right hand corner of the link I have added.


Bob Salomon
25-Jan-2013, 09:39
It will depend largely on a couple of things.
Can the larger board fit and clear everything on the front of you front standard? An adapter like you are looking for could easily be attached to a Linhof Techno or a Linhof TX 23 S or 45 S but it would be very difficult to attach, if not impossible, to a Technika or a Wista.
If the adapter needs a spacer to mount to the Technika you may seriously limit how wide a lens can be used on the camera, or you may need the Linhof board to be deeply recessed to focus to infinity.

That is why the adapters go from lenses on Technika boards to larger boards. Like Technika to Canham or Technika to Kardan or Technika 23 to Technika 45 to Technika 57.

Oren Grad
25-Jan-2013, 09:52
Are you saying you want to use lenses mounted on Canham boards on a Technika camera? The problem is that Canham boards are a bit larger than Technika boards. In principle you could have SK Grimes fabricate an extender/expander contraption that would mount in a Technika front standard and accept a Canham board on the other end, but it would likely be frightfully expensive and a nuisance with compromised function in use.

Gem Singer
25-Jan-2013, 09:56
You are correct about cramming a square peg into a round hole.

Canham lens boards are designed with a square light baffle on their back side.

Linhof Tech lens boards are designed with a round light baffle on their back side. They are not interchangeable.

However, if you mount your lenses on Linhof Tech boards, a Linhof Tech to Canham adapter is available.

C. D. Keth
25-Jan-2013, 10:48
However, if you mount your lenses on Linhof Tech boards, a Linhof Tech to Canham adapter is available.

Here's your best answer. Standardize on the smaller size board and adapt up. Keep your canham boards in case you get a lens that won't fit on a technika board.

Kimberly Anderson
25-Jan-2013, 17:10
I think in the end what I'm going to do is scrap the idea altogether. I have a slew of lenses on Canham boards and a ton of old vintage 4x5 film. My goal was to use the Linhof and shoot all this 4x5 film and use all the different lenses that I've already got. The end game was two fold: 1. Shoot all the 4x5 film (main goal) and 2. Play with the Linhof.

Playing with the Linhof will still be possible as it's already got a 121 SA on it. So...that'll be the limitation there. So now I still have all this film and all my lenses and want to be able to use both of them. Answer: Purchase a Canham 4x5 back to use on my 8x10 (I already have the adapter).

Problem solved...but not in the original way I thought I would. This way is just easier/cheaper/faster (and there ain't nothing wrong with that).

Thanks for letting me think out loud.

Mark Stahlke
25-Jan-2013, 22:12
Before you give up, give Keith Canham a call or email. I'm sure he can supply exactly what you're looking for.

John Koehrer
26-Jan-2013, 12:42
It shouldn't be an insurmountable problem. to adapt the way you want.
If the Canham board clears the hardware on the Linhof.
A simple spacer between the boards is all that's needed. The Linhof board on the rear, spacer and Canham board. Sa cowanw says you do need room for the board retaining hardware so either the spacer has to be thick enough to allow for it or relieved for access.
The spacer can be aircraft plywood from the local hobby/craft shop.
If you have several of one size shutter make the sandwich permanent & swap shutter/lenses. Personally I'd make the Linhof/ply permanent & mount threaded inserts into the ply so you could use small(!) thumbscrews to attach the Canham board. The Canham would have to have holes for the screws drilled but a plug could be used if you want to go back to the Canham camera.

Try checking it out with foam core and double faced tape, it's fully reversible.