View Full Version : Can somebody measure their 305mm g-claron for me?

C. D. Keth
23-Jan-2013, 22:52
I'm wondering about the lens' physical size. I would like to know how far out from the front of the lensboard the lens extends and how far behind the back surface of the lensboard the rear of the lens extends.

C. D. Keth
23-Jan-2013, 23:32
I really left a "please" out of the thread title. This simple little bit of information would be a big help.

Mark Stahlke
24-Jan-2013, 00:20
Is this close enough?

Dan Fromm
24-Jan-2013, 07:13

C. D. Keth
24-Jan-2013, 10:58
Oh that's great guys! Thank you both! Where did you find that, Dan? I searched high and low for a technical doc like that and could never find one with physical measurements, only the more commonly needed optical measures.