View Full Version : Panorthoscopic lens

23-Jan-2013, 12:18
Here is the item number in EvilBay. Just enter that into the search tab to see the original listing.

Can anyone tell me more about this lens? or have used something similar? I liked the look of this lens:)



Steven Tribe
23-Jan-2013, 13:43
This is a standard Rapid Rectilinear lens for 5x7", perhaps full plate.

Verichrome is an extremely good lister of his collection and what he says is absolutely correct.
A. Laverne was a buy-up and sell type of organisation (a bit like B & J in the USA). Many French companies had problems at this time and Laverne was living on their remnants!

Panortho..... is just a meaningless product name, which phenomomen was popular in the US, too.
All these lenses have serial numbers around 100,000.

PS. Lens Vade Mecum is a good source for things like this!

23-Jan-2013, 16:00
Thanks Steven. I never meant to imply that the Ebay dealer is anything less than knowledgeable. I just didn't know how to interpret what he wrote! Panorthoscopic -- that's the word that got me. Thanks for clearing things up and looks like I'll have to pickup a PDF copy of Lens Vade Mecum.