View Full Version : Color lab in NYC to recommend?

22-Jan-2013, 08:05
I need to develop some C-41 and E-6 sheets and 120 roll. Does anyone have a good lab in NYC to recommend? I remember someone mentioned to me about a lab near 20th st. Just can not recall the name now.

22-Jan-2013, 08:10
I use Vista CRC on 22nd St. between 6th and 5th Avenues. I've tried a lot of labs here, but they are the ones that treat me and my film the best. They have 3 hour turnaround on E6 (even LF) which is a big plus for me.

22-Jan-2013, 08:15
LTI. Best lab ever for c41. Seriously.

22-Jan-2013, 08:52

LTI. Best lab ever for c41. Seriously.

Noah A
22-Jan-2013, 10:15
Not to hijack the thread, but I'm thinking of using LTI and I was wondering if any of the LTI customers here go for the special proprietary C-41, or is the normal C-41 ok?

I've had mottling problems mostly with 8x10 in the past, I haven't had too many problems with 4x5. But I'm wondering what others have experienced.

Also, strange question maybe, but where do they put the clips for C-41 processing (on the long side of the film or the short side)?

22-Jan-2013, 10:23
I'm also in NJ and I send all of my color work to Edgar Praus. He does excellent work!


22-Jan-2013, 12:19
Edgar is a great guy. I like that he's a one-man operation doing everything soup to nuts. But for c-41 LTI special process is tops - even Edgar can't touch it (although I wish he would at least try). Lti is costly, yes, but totally worth it for smooth blue skies. Call them about clip orientation.

23-Jan-2013, 12:22
I recommend LTI too. Have only tried their standard C-41 process, and have been completely satisfied. E-6 is just as good. They use Kodak chemistry for C-41 and Fuji for E-6. Apparently, each is better at one than the other.

So far I've had all my stuff developed normal (no pushing or pulling in process). They clip on the short side (e.g. top and bottom). I've had 35mm, 120, 4x5, 5x7, and 8x10 developed at LTI, each processed excellently.

Their prices are completely reasonable, competitive, or even less expensive than other labs in NYC, and the quality is tops! I save money by getting process normal only, no cutting, contact prints, or scans, etc.

Additionally, if you live in the area, the turnaround is excellent, more often than not I get same day processing on anything I bring in early enough. The customer service is amazing. Only once have I had an issue ... it was with a 4x5 C-41 negative that stuck slightly in one spot to its sleeve, they re-washed and dried it, and messengered it to my office (free) same day.

I will say I'm not a fan of the fact that their only developer for B & W is XTOL, which I'm not a huge fan of ... the processing though is as competent with B & W as for C-41 & E-6. For others XTOL is a boon.

FYI - If you are inclined, as I sometimes am, it's not difficult to achieve excellent results developing C-41 and even E-6 at home. Unique Photo of New Jersey is a good place to get chemistry.

24-Jan-2013, 14:16
I use the normal c41 processing at LTI and have not had any mottling issues. I dont remember where they put the clips. I think on the short side, but I will have to check.

8-Feb-2013, 13:54
You can also try Primary Photographic. Ask for Adam. I've been going there for a few years with great results.