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QT Luong
21-Jan-2013, 17:39
A new e-book (114 pages) "The VIDEC system: Precise Control for Superior Black and White Photography" by Andrew C. Eads has been posted:


Here are a few words from the author:

"There has been renewed interest in a series of articles I wrote for PhotoTechniques magazine in 2002/2003. I worked out an alternative system to the venerable Zone System and completed a book on it. In the last week I've had three inquiries regarding the articles [...]

I no longer have a darkroom so I would not, at this time, be able to respond with new tests or materials. However, I am confident many folks would benefit from it."

Please feel free to discuss in this thread.

Ken Lee
24-Jan-2013, 16:17
Chapter 14 on page 71 presents a summary for those of us with limited processing power.

Perhaps I am missing something, but it seems to rely on rigorous testing to make possible quick spot meter methods at exposure time.

It's not unlike BTZS in the darkroom and Zone System in the field.

Andy Eads
25-Jan-2013, 22:55
You are not missing a thing. The method is fast and easy to use in the field but the testing is rigorous. Thanks for giving it a look.