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Marc Ropac
25-Apr-2004, 03:57

does a plasmat design (Symmar, Sironar etc.) always offer a significantly higher resolution than a wide angle design (Grandagon, Super-Angulon, etc.) of the same age and focal length? Is this a theoretical advantage or is it visible on the light table?

I think especially about the focal length between 110 and 135mm. I have a razor sharp Sironar-S 135 and think about replacing it with a lens with more coverage (Grandagon 115 or Super Angulon 120). My budget would not allow to just add a wide angle. I have to decide one way or the other

The Super Symmar 110 is too expensive, you don't need to tell me that it is fantastic.

Thank you a lot

Armin Seeholzer
25-Apr-2004, 14:53

Here you find the answer:http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html In most practical use for example f 22-32 you will not see a large difference!

Ralph Barker
25-Apr-2004, 17:40
Although it is easy to argue either side of the question, I'd agree that for conventional pictorial work the differences in resolution of equivalent generations of modern lenses will be more theoretical than practical. Naturally, there are applications for which even a few lines/mm can make a difference.

I would suggest, however, that the physical characteristics of the lenses you're considering, Marc, may be of greater importance to you - again, depending on the nature of the work you're doing. The 115mm Grandagon and the 120mm Super Angulon are rather large and heavy, and may, in fact, bump into physical limitations with the (presumably 4x5) camera you're using.

In addition to the lens test link (http://www.hevanet.com/cperez/testing.html) Armin pointed you to, you may find this comparison chart, linked to from the main page here, useful:


John D Gerndt
26-Apr-2004, 15:08
I would add that in addition to the design considerations you must also consider the execution of those designs.

When you have a lens that pleases you, stick with with it. Even new "improved" versions may not be better if the manufacture is off ever so slightly.