View Full Version : Ooh I wish I had the money! Look at this lens!

21-Jan-2013, 06:17
Maybe I just don't know what I'm talking about, but I sure wish I had the cash right now. This looks like a great price for a rare baby. I think the coverage is around 500mm. This would be nice for some 8x10 (or 11x14) shooter not wanting to dunk $1000+ for the 450C. And it's quite a bit faster too....

FleeBay: 281051871062

I have no affiliation with the seller...

21-Jan-2013, 07:17
"Fixed to the board with four screws" - ???

21-Jan-2013, 07:47
Yeah I don't know about that, but still...I guess you could get SK Grimes to tune it up to taste and still spend less than the 450C. Dang! I wish I had the cash right now! :)

Bob Salomon
21-Jan-2013, 07:54
"Fixed to the board with four screws" - ???

That would be the way to mount a lens flange to the board so the shutter will screw directly into the board rather then use a jam nut.

John Kasaian
21-Jan-2013, 08:07
There are plenty of great lenses with shutters that will cover 8x10 and 11x14 for well under $1k.
Don't buy a used lens from a famous photographer--the only reason for selling one is that they already took all the great pictures out of it:rolleyes:

21-Jan-2013, 10:42
SK Grimes has a nice pair of photos and text explaining the difference between a mounting flange (which this lens uses) and a retaining ring: http://www.skgrimes.com/products/mounting-flanges

I have a Fuji lens with a Copal 3S shutter that uses a retaining ring, but I have some lenses with flanges. Although you have to get the lensboard drilled and tapped and have the correct screws, with a flange, once it's mounted, you don't have to worry about the retaining ring coming loose.

Mark Sawyer
21-Jan-2013, 12:24
This would be nice for some 8x10 (or 11x14) shooter not wanting to dunk $1000+ for the 450C. And it's quite a bit faster too....

The L was Fuji's Tessar, and it's a nice single-coated one. I have a 300mm L, and it's very sharp in the center and the corners. But being a Tessar, the coverage isn't as wide as with the 450C. This would be a closer match to the Nikkor 450-M.

21-Jan-2013, 12:55
What's the big deal? I've gotten two Nikkor 450M lenses for $400 (one got lost in the mail :( )

Peter Gomena
21-Jan-2013, 15:03
That's one big piece of glass. At 2.5 pounds, I don't own a camera that will hold it!

21-Jan-2013, 15:10
I've got the 300mm version of this and that is a monster as it is. Can't imagine the size of this one. The 300m is great, I've had some wonderful results with it. If I had some spare cash, I'd probably grab this for my Cambo 8x10. Never mind, I'm sure another will come along.