View Full Version : film type for submital art

Raymond Bleesz
21-Jun-1999, 11:24
please clarify what type of film (35mm) one should use in re-photographing finis hed prints (color as well as b & w) as is often asked when submitting juried art work. i understand 35mm e6 type film is recommended--for bl&w??? is it recomme nded to use Polaroid Polapan ?? thank you.

Charles Matter
21-Jun-1999, 13:21
For color transparancies I use either Fuji Astia, or Kodak Ektachrome 100 Plus. They are both ASA 100, E-6 process films. For B&W..you can use the same film. If your lighting is accurate, color balance wise, the results should be neutral. OR Try the new Agfa Scala which is (I believe) a direct positive B&W film..requiring Agfa processing. I have used the Polaroid Polapan with good results...I'm just not sure about the long-trem stability of the transparancies. There is a direct positive reversal chemistry called dr5 being marketed by dr wood at drwood@drwood.com which is supposed to be very good, as well. I beleive this requires the ability to process your own film, though.

Richard Fish
21-Jun-1999, 19:40
When photographing artwork for museums and artists, be they paintings, drawings, photographs etc., I use Fuji 64-T. That's a tungsten blanced film that runs in E-6 chemistry. It's pretty standard in the arts and won't last as well as the former Kodachrome Type A, but will surely outlive any show jury!

Charles Matter
23-Jun-1999, 10:17
Whichever type of film (Daylight or Tungsten) you use..make sure that your lights are correctly balanced; and that you can filter to correct for any slight variances. I suggest using a color meter to double check..especially with tungsten lights..as the color temp of the lights will change as the lamps age. I double check my strobes continually, and especially rental HMI's. Also use a good UV absorbing filter on the camera..2-B or even 2-C..especially with tungsten film..as it is especially sensitive to UV light