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r,l, Vigurs
19-Jan-2013, 18:50
I am awaiting delivery of this lens, having purchased it from an auction site for $350. My hope is that it will be of use in shooting interiors of churches and like buildings. Also for use as a landscape lens. Interested in any feedback from those of you who may have owned one of these. I know it is heavy, and I will use it with 4x5, and my 5x7.
Great knowledge base here on this site. Input appreciated. (ps I never really cared for the 90mm f8 Super Angulon), especially in Synchro Compur

Noah A
20-Jan-2013, 07:23
It's a great lens. It is large, sure, but it has more coverage than you could ever need on 4x5 (and I suspect it would be really good on 5x7 as well).

It's sharp and it's a really nice focal length, it captures a wide scene but doesn't have a wideangle feel really (on 4x5). I use it for probably 90 percent of my work, especially when shooting in urban areas. Throw in a 210 and there's not much you can't do.

I think it's a very underrated lens. The 110XL gets more attention, but I tried one and I didn't like the falloff characteristics of that lens and I prefer the 115. It sounds like you got quite a deal.

Emmanuel BIGLER
20-Jan-2013, 09:52
Congratulations for this grandagon-N 115 mm lens, @$350 it is a good bargain. I have one and I'm very pleased with the results.

My understanding is that it was the "standard wide angle" lens for the 5x7" format like the 90 mm for the 4x5" format. The basic 3-lens kit for the 5x7 was probably ; 115 or 120 (wide) 210 (normal lens) and 300 or 360 (long focal length), according to a good old rule stated by Herr Koch, the father-founder of Sinar, for the 3-lens view camera kit :

- a wide angle lens, focal length equal to the smallest dimension of the image format
- a standard lens, focal length equal to the diagonal of the image format
- a long focal length, equal to twice the longest side of the image format.

The grandagon-N 115 mm is is not a heavy lens and perfectly useable for 4x5". Those lenses cover 102 according to the manufacturer, hence the specs for the 115 mm are : image circle of about 290 mm. Almost covers the 8x10" format.
It belongs to the family of 6-element grandagon-N with the 6.8-75 (discontinued, but easy to find as a used item, sometimes sold under the Caltar brand) the 6.8-90 (still on catalog). I think that there was a 155 for the 8x10" format as well. Those lenses were designed in the 1980's and are extremely sharp.

Bernice Loui
20-Jan-2013, 10:59
Used a 115mm Grandagon and a 155 Grandagon (this is not a small lens) for years and years on my 5x7 Sinar until they were replaced by the 110mm & 150mm HMXL.

The 115mm makes a nice wide angle on 5x7 with good coverage and good performance. To deal with light fall off on both the 115mm & 110mm on 5x7 use the specified center filter. The light fall of has more to do with natural behavior of light rather than the design of the lens.

As long as that 115mm Grandagon is in good condition and representative of a proper example, it should be fine for both 4x5 & 5x7.


22-Jan-2013, 09:11
It's a very very sharp lens, one of my really favorites indeed. I use it in 4x5, 5x7 and in 8x10 with no movements and some vigneting. In 5x7 and 8x10 I use the dedicated centerfilter. Great purchase!. Enjoy it!

22-Jan-2013, 18:04
So, your the guy who won that auction a few days ago. I have an extra 90mm Grandagon N that I have posted as wanting to trade for a 115mm but, alas, no inquiries.

22-Jan-2013, 18:05
You're, not your. Sorry about the bad grammar.

r,l, Vigurs
23-Jan-2013, 18:54
Thanks all for your replies. Lens is on it's way from the original owner, to be here in a few days. I have so far purchased a red 25, and a yellow "Y3" to go with. I have looked at prices for a center filter, but my budget will not currently allow. I am going to spend February in the southern deserts of California, ie Death Valley, Joshua Tree, and so will be able to assess the lens characteristics. Mostly to be used on my 4x5. Again, thanks to all for the info.