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18-Jan-2013, 23:49
Hi all,

I have a Tachihara 4x5 that's acting up. Specifically, the focusing rack-and-pinion appears to be slipping. When I took the camera apart, I realised that the pinion gear is just sitting on an axle (attached to the knob) without any set screw or other methods of attachment, except perhaps friction. In addition, the wooden pieces are not sliding along smoothly, but seem to be seizing up, if you know what I mean (I suspect this may have caused the pinion to slip in the first place.. Is this a common problem? Are there any replacement pinion gears that I can use?

19-Jan-2013, 22:45
So I managed to fix the camera, at least for now. It wasn't easy and it wasn't pretty. I had to undo a bunch of screws to get the whole axle out. This repair attempt also caused a lot of scratches on the camera's finish (because I had to contort the axle to get it off the camera, the pinion gear inevitably touched the wood surface). I tried to 'ding' it like other posts have mentioned, but because of the tightness of the sliding wood parts, there was simply not enough friction. So I moved the gears off the position they were supposed to be in, sanded the chrome finish to expose the brass, and soldered the brass parts together. Unfortunately, the solder didn't take very well (partially because the whole thing is made of metal, and kept conducting the heat away, preventing the solder from reaching the requisite temperatures), so I had to apply the solder on like glue with the soldering iron tip (UGHHH~). It kind works now, which is the most important part, though I don't know if the lousy soldering job will hold. But the damage has been extensive and sad.

John Koehrer
21-Jan-2013, 18:55
A propane torch and silver solder would make a permanent joint for you........Don't hold the shaft in your hand though. :-0

21-Jan-2013, 19:39
Propane torch! Why didn't I think of that?! Thanks!

21-Jan-2013, 20:06
Hope that you can make a permanent repair! I have never been very impressed with those cameras -- pretty, but not rock solid construction nor parts (not bad, just not great).

If you can not fix the axle and gears, let me know...I might be able to set you up with the one from a parts Tachi.


21-Jan-2013, 20:48
Thanks Vaughn! Can you PM me to talk about the part?

Kirk Fry
22-Jan-2013, 14:58
Calumet used to have parts for these cameras as the sold them under their trade name.

26-Jan-2013, 20:20
Thanks Kirk. I will be getting a part from Vaughn. Unless I break that one too, I'm probably all set for a while. :)

22-Feb-2013, 22:58
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