View Full Version : Certosport w/ Meyer-Gorlitz Anastigmat Trioplan 1o.5 cm f4.5 lens

17-Jan-2013, 20:26
Curious if anyone has experience shooting with these cameras ?

- What size of film ?
- Do you need a sheet film holder ?

- Can you utilize the lens and shutter and adapt it to 4x5 format ?

Pic of image attached below ... sorry it's sideways !

Thanks for any guidance.


Teodor Oprean
17-Jan-2013, 20:54
Based on the focal length of the lens, the camera most probably uses the 6x9 cm format. These early 20th century European plate cameras used sheet film primarily. The film holders are thin metal plates that conform only to the European formats. Each film holder can hold only one sheet of film. After composing and focusing, you slide the groundglass frame out of the back and slide the metal plate into the grooves of the back. After that point you make the exposure the same as you do with any other large format camera. (Select the aperture, cock the shutter, pull out the darkslide, press the cable release button, reinsert dark silde.)

It should be possible to find a 6x9 120 rollfilm adapter for this camera.

Teodor Oprean
17-Jan-2013, 21:15
The lens probably does not cover the 4x5 format, but you can use it with 4x5 regardless. The lens is an uncoated triplet. The image circle covers only the intended 6x9 cm format with a little room for movements.

If you live in Europe, it should be possible to buy 6.5 x 9 cm sheet film. The equivalent American format is 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 inch, which is differently sized. I don't know if you can use that as an effective substitute in case you cannot find the European sheet film.

I would try to use the lens on the original camera with a rollfilm back. You can also remove the lens (in shutter and original lens board) from the Certosport and adapt that (as one piece) on to a different lens board. That way you can use the lens with a more modern 6x9 technical camera, like the Horseman VH.

Teodor Oprean
18-Jan-2013, 11:50
This current ebay listing is for a 120 rollfilm back for 6x9 cm plate cameras. It should work on the Certosport.


18-Jan-2013, 13:05
Wow ... thank you for all of the help and suggestions, much appreciated !!!