View Full Version : Rittreck view - Sinar Norma 5x7 back fits nicely

16-Jan-2013, 21:23
After seeing a non standard Rittreck 5x7 for sale on Ebay I experimented with my camera. I am pleased to report that a Sinar Norma 5x7 back fits the Rittreck with no mods required!

It does need to be the Sinar 5x7 back with the integral sliding catches to lock to the Rittreck body. Later Sinar P style backs did away with these catches, using the locking mechanism on the standard to retain the back, and would require mods to make them work.

I'm sure Rittreck owners who only have the 4x5 back will find this information useful as the desirable 5x7 back seems quite rare and expensive.

18-Jan-2013, 05:46
Would you have some pictures to show how a Sinar Norma back can be mounted on the Rittreck ?