View Full Version : Grapheic View II Triopd Head

16-Jan-2013, 19:13
Tripod Head
Part reference 2 - 5 p/n 29783 Pad Base.

Pad starting to disintegrate, polymer aging/ hardening and crumbling away from cloth base.
Is there a 'proper' replacement material available to replace the base pad?

Side question, several easels bottom side pads are staring to gum up or similarly harden to rock.
Is there a good foam pad replacement for easel bottoms?


Jim Jones
17-Jan-2013, 08:05
I've used thin rubber gasket material to make similar pads. Also, an even coating of rubber cement can be applied and let dry for a non-slip base.

18-Jan-2013, 07:59
Thank you. Hoped to avoid the creative approach. If I find a non hardening non go to gooo recommendation I"ll post it.. Had hoped a fabric backed product similar to the original was in the collected wisdom. The adventure continues ( -:

John Koehrer
18-Jan-2013, 20:26
Sheet foam from a craft store for the easel backing and cork for the tripod head.

Jim Jones
18-Jan-2013, 21:14
Whatever you use should be thin so it is also stable.

Wade D
18-Jan-2013, 21:59
I used a mouse pad cut to fit my tripod head. Contact cemented the fabric side to the metal on the head. The thin (1/8") backing makes a nice non slip surface and is easily replaceable.