View Full Version : Linhof 5x7 lens

16-Jan-2013, 12:17
Which lenses can I mount into a 5x7 Technika that I can leave in place with the camera folded?



Bob Salomon
16-Jan-2013, 12:27
Which model 57 Technika?

16-Jan-2013, 12:32
on mine: 165 angulon, 210 Xenar, 300 caltar II

16-Jan-2013, 18:05
The vintage Kodak Ektar 203mm f7.7 in Supermatic shutter is a very light and compact lens that covers 5x7 with room for modest movements. I find it ideal for leaving on my folded Rittreck 5x7 and Toyo Field Half Plate cameras, but I don't have a 5x7 Technika.

17-Jan-2013, 13:31
On My Tech IV I use a 210 symmar, 12cm angulon, and 450 nikkor- all fold up fine.

18-Jan-2013, 04:41
I believe it to be a Super Tech V.
I have a 210mm f5.6 Symmar S on it, quiet old I should think as the shutter speeds are 1/50th, 1/100th etc.
I can't get it to align with the aperture in the rails when folded, even if I put it away with some rise to the front. It clips the bottom of the hole. The rails are back against the stop. It looks like it should go but I can't see anything else to adjust, if anyone knows differently please let me know.

18-Jan-2013, 04:53
I'm thinking it's a later lens mounted in an older shutter, the front diameter is 8cm on the Symmar S another Schneider 210 I have is only 5cm and looks a lot older. Maybe the later will not fit.