View Full Version : Want a say in the next lens design from Cooke Optics?

Graeme Hird
22-Apr-2004, 04:12
There is currently a thread running on the f32.net site in which we are discussing the most desirable design for Cooke Optics' (possible) next lens. Barbara Lowry from the company has asked for suggestions for a 5x4 format triple convertable field lens. This is a great oportunity to have a direct influence in the design of a new lens.

The thread can be found here. (http://www.f32.net/discus/messages/6/4008.html?1082611267)


Ron Bose
22-Apr-2004, 15:15
Please make it cost less than two grand !!

mark blackman
23-Apr-2004, 01:41
A triplet set costing less than 2000? I doubt it very much. You be hard pushed to buy 3 prime lenses for that.

Jean-Louis Llech
23-Apr-2004, 02:05
According to informations I received this week from Leicester, the Cooke Series XVa Triple Convertible Lens will be probably available beginning June 2004.
The (amazing) suggested retail price would be about 1,250 (2300 US$ or 1900 ) without shutter (Copal # 3 shutter).

Focal lengths: 311mm (front + back), 646mm (front only), 476mm (back only).
Three f stop scales on one dialable ring for the three lens combinations (front + back, front only, back only).

The lens can also be combined with a second lens set for two additional focal length combinations: 365mm (front + front) and 271mm (back +back).