View Full Version : Speed Graphic 5x7

15-Jan-2013, 10:41
Does anybody know if the Pre-Anniversary Speed Graphic 5x7 came with a Kalart RF? My 5x7 SG has one attached, and if it wasn't standard equipment I'd like to take it off.

John Kasaian
15-Jan-2013, 10:59
My side handle didn't come with one.

15-Jan-2013, 13:47
I have a top handle 5x7 SG as well and it doesn't have one. Does the RF on yours actually function?

Roger Hesketh
15-Jan-2013, 15:49
None on mine either.

15-Jan-2013, 16:59
It functions, has the arm seems to be calibrated to the 7-1/2" Kodak anastigmat lens that came with it.


Don Ciccone
15-Jan-2013, 17:50
Mine doesn't have a RF either. Camera is exceptionally light without one. I prefer using GG in any event.