View Full Version : Developing 4x5 Provia in Perth

21-Apr-2004, 18:12
I'll be visiting Perth sometime in July this year. I would appreicate if anyone can advice me on where can I send my normal load slides in for developing, the cost and lead time involve.


21-Apr-2004, 20:08

I would recommend Churchill Color Lab http://www.churchillcolorlabs.com.au/index.html
or Custom Colour Labs.
They both offer 2-3 hour service time for E6.


Graeme Hird
21-Apr-2004, 20:32
Hi KW,

Living in Western Australia myself, I regularly use and recommend Churchills and intentionally avoid Custom Colour.

Churchills are located at 288 Railway Pde, Leederville, 6007. They are very friendly and professional, though somewhat expensive at AUD$8.00 per 5x4 tranny.

If you find your way to Kalgoorlie, give me a call and we'll shoot some film together.

Cheers, Graeme

22-Apr-2004, 18:04
Thanks very much for the information guys!