View Full Version : What are the benefits of Pyrocat over Rodinal or HC-110?

15-Jan-2013, 06:12
Is the main reason to use Pyrocat the staining properties? Sharpness?

Gem Singer
15-Jan-2013, 08:40
The main reason I now use Pyrocat-HD developer is that I can give enough exposure to my B&W film maintain details in the shadow areas without loosing

details in the highlight areas.

When using a standard B&W developer, I was blowing out the highlights and experiencing difficulty printing the resulting high contrast negatives.

Also, Pyrocat-HD developer, and a semi-stand development technique, resulted in increased acutance (sharpness).

Ken Lee
15-Jan-2013, 08:46
See An Introduction to Pyro Staining Developers, With Special Attention to the Pyrocat-HD Formula (http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/PCat/pcat.html)

and http://pyrocat-hd.com/ (http://pyrocat-hd.com/)

15-Jan-2013, 11:22
Not sharper but more dynamic range

15-Jan-2013, 11:43
I sometimes find that Pyrocat does its job too well. Many of the subjects I shoot only have a 4 stop brightness range and Pyrocat can sometimes diminish the "brightness" at the high end of the range obliging me to print on around grade 31/2 as standard. I can get round this by increasing the solution strength when the need arises.