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Dean Taylor
15-Jan-2013, 01:06

Someone has a Speed Graphic for sale with:

a Polaroid 4X5 film holder

Q: is there, in fact, film yet available for that holder, preferably b/w (all to be used with the Speed Graphic)?

thank you

15-Jan-2013, 02:01
Which Polaroid film holder is it? If it's the 545 holder, new film is not available. The New55Project may come up with one. You can buy expired stuff on Ebay, but they tend to have premium prices.

If it's the 405 holder, Fuji made film for it until very recently. You can still purchase new, unexpired film, and while more expensive that what they used to go for, you can purchase them for cheaper than some of the Polaroid 4x5 films. These film will likely never be manufactured again.

Dean Taylor
16-Jan-2013, 04:04
hi Satoru

I believe it's the 405--but, still, I wanted to check with you guys before I leap...

ps: and, again, thank you for your patience vis a vis your Crown Graphic--the Speed owner has a menagerie of gear he is attempting to sell, and, at the eleventh hour, decided that giving up the Speed alone would scotch his chances at marketing the rest of the items...

here is the LA craigslist post--there is a lens for sale: 150/5.6 Apo Symmar lens (too rich for my blood at the moment...)




16-Jan-2013, 08:17
The 3x4 Fujiroids are still available new, for the 405!


16-Jan-2013, 08:21
Corran is right; I meant to say "Polaroid 550 back", which takes 4x5 instant film e.g., Fuji FP-100C45... those film are gone. The 405 holder takes 3x4 instant film, and there are two types of those that Fuji still makes, FP-100C and FP-3000B. But I'd suggest get them while you can, Fuji instant film is dropping like flies :(

Leonard Robertson
16-Jan-2013, 08:58
The part of the description on the CL ad that states "...works great with Fuji Instant film and 1 shot film..." makes me think this is a holder for 4X5 size instant film, NOT a 405 for 3 1/4 X 4 1/4 pack film. It has been years since I owned a 405, but I don't recall ever reading of a 405 being usable for "1 shot film". I think the seller may be referring to something like Kodak Readyloads which were single conventional sheet film in a special package which could be used in the Polaroid 4X5 holder. No longer available as far as I know, although maybe Fuji has something. Anyone know? Do a Google Image search for "Polaroid 405" and you will see what one looks like. I don't know what is available from the "Impossible Project" to use with the 4X5 size holder. You might do a search for that option. But 4X5 Polaroid holders are pretty cheap on eBay, so you should search Completed Auctions there and see what a realistic price is. I think the CL seller is way high on his price.