View Full Version : Actual 5x7" sheet film size?

Bųje Lomholdt
21-Apr-2004, 15:27
I have some second-hand 5x7" cut film holders that I bought in Denmark (Europe). When I ordered Ilford HP5 sheet film from an American dealer on the internet they were a fraction too small for my holders, when I got them! The sheets measure 125x175 millimeters, whereas the Ilford and Agfa enlargement papers I have in 5x7" are 127x178 mm (which fits my holders). I have no previous experience with shooting in 5x7". The dealer says, "Talk to Ilford", but Ilford have not answered me yet. Does anyone know about this? Can there be a discrepancy between 5x7" formats in America and in Europe?

Larry Gebhardt
21-Apr-2004, 16:04
There a 13x18cm format in Europe that is close to 5x7. Could your holders be for this size film?

Ole Tjugen
22-Apr-2004, 00:23
I believe your holders must be 13x18cm. Since the cut film sizes evolved from sheet film adapters in glass plate holders, all cut films are slightly smaller than the stated dimensions. By a pure coincidence the 13x18cm size ended up measuring quite exactly 127x178mm, which is identical to 5 by 7 inches. The 5x7" film size is a few millimeters smaller...

Some film manufacturers are not very precise about the difference (MACO sheet film in 5x7" tends to be 13x18), and not all holder manufacturers are precise either.

Since I live in a country where I get both sizes, I have both size holders. The sizes are usually interchangeable, but there are cases where a 13x18 film won't fit in a 5x7" holder, or where a 5x7" film will drop out of a 13x18 holder. I have had both happen to me!