View Full Version : Is it OK to post URL to auction for Chromega 10x10?

byard pidgeon
20-Apr-2004, 15:38
Is it OK to post a URL to my eBay auction selling a Chromega F 10 x10 enlarger?

QT Luong
20-Apr-2004, 15:50
No, it's definitively not permitted per the forum guidelines.

Witold Grabiec
20-Apr-2004, 16:02
But it should be. This forum is very well behaved and such post should do no harm. Perhaps a section for such short posts could be established where no replies are possible. Well, maybe that's asking for too much.

QT Luong
20-Apr-2004, 17:11
The creation of a second forum for commercial postings and classifieds is in the plans. I don't think it is a good idea to mix those. You'd be surprised at how fast the forum would be overun.

21-Apr-2004, 15:37
Buyers and sellers should be going to eBay anyways, no need for it here. When I want to buy, I go to eBay, when I want info, I come here.