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11-Jan-2013, 03:35
I was at Linhof and Studio the other day, getting lens boards sorted for my 5x7. I asked if they still sold many new Technikas,
"not for sometime" was the reply.
I said "I suppose if one got ordered the factory would have to dust down the tooling and try and remember how it works".
"Not exactly" was the reply "I was speaking to the factory a few days ago and they are filling an order for twelve new masters"
All for Japan, not exactly mass production but not bad I reckon, long may it continue.


11-Jan-2013, 07:54
Even at "those" prices, one wonders how they stay in business.

11-Jan-2013, 08:43
Even if a bit heavier than I would like, I always looked up to the Technikas for their precision...until I used my 45N-2. I wish someone could bring Chamonix's level of innovation to something like an enlarger. In fact, I wonder how much they would charge me to build a groundbreaking 4x5 enlarging head....?...:-)