View Full Version : Developing Maco Infrared film in Rodinal.

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
20-Apr-2004, 10:03
Anyone have any idea of a dev time to start out with?

Gem Singer
20-Apr-2004, 10:24
Hello Rabbi,

The only information I could find regarding Maco Infrared IR820c, 4X5 sheet film (I am assuming that is the film you are inquiring about) and Agfa Rodinal. Use a 1+12 dilution, and develope for 9 minutes. Most of the users of this film seem to be developing it in Kodak Xtol.

Nigel Smith
20-Apr-2004, 17:38
I've done a few 120 rolls in Rodinal 1:100 for 20mins @ 20C. Agitation 5secs each minute for 1st 5mins, 5secs each 2min thereafter.

Peter C. McDonough
20-Apr-2004, 19:37
Hello Rabbi, I have developed the Maco 820 Infrared in Rodinal 1:12 for 9 minutes at 68* F and have gotten excellent results. I cannot comment on enlarging results as I have only contact-printed the negatives. Peter

Yaakov Asher Sinclair
22-Apr-2004, 11:00
many thanks to all!