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10-Jan-2013, 17:54
hi folks, i have all these measurments all over my sinar P that purport to do somthing!

on sinar website i found:■Depth of field calculator tells you exactly how much depth of filed you need for your image, forever eliminating excessive stopping down.

and don 7x17 wrote in 2009 under dof calulater in search:

"More complicated than its worth, particularly when you introduce tilts and swings.

A better method is to do all the view camera adjustments you can, with the lens wide open.

Now focus on the farthest part of the image (it will be the one that comes into focus with the shortest bellows length, but due to swings and tilts, it may not necessarily be the farthest from your lens....but it will be the focus point that requires the shortest bellows). Note the location on the rail or base.

Now focus on the nearest part of the image (same rational as above, it will be the place that requires the longest bellows to achieve focus.) note the location on the rail or the base.

Now reset the bellows length to exactly halfway between the two points.

Now observe the points on the ground glass that you acheived the two focus points. Stop down the lens until both are within acceptable focus.

That's the easy way, especially if you have tilts and swings that the dof calculators won't help you with."

which seems practical.

but after coming back from a field trip, i had alot of issues with trying to get every thing in foucus, and relied on stopping down, and crossing my fingers.

i am going to take the above advice and do some shots. but am asking any sinar p user if they actually use measurements or their method.

if another method is used as per above, then i will also employ.

thanks kindly


Tony Evans
10-Jan-2013, 20:27
Following the Sinar P instructions (focus & DOF) works best for me.

Peter De Smidt
10-Jan-2013, 21:30
I liked the Sinar system as well.

erie patsellis
10-Jan-2013, 22:05
Having earned my living with them at one time, the then exorbitant cost when they were new actually saved a huge amount of time, and hence money. Once you get. Your head wrapped around it, it makes even complex movements easily accomplished, with no excess movements, keeping the intended plane of focus intact.

With a little practice, you can very quickly establish the necessary movements, establish the aperture needed and expose film while others are still moving standards around guessing.

10-Jan-2013, 23:31

But I need the manual but...
Where to find?

Tony Evans
11-Jan-2013, 09:07