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Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Apr-2004, 16:57

I need a bit of help with my 250mm f/5.6 Fujinon-SF (soft focus) lens. I somehow lost the disks of my lens. Could anyone scan their disks for me? This would (sort of) allow me to manufacture a new set without having to buy a new set.

Thank you!

Tim Curry
19-Apr-2004, 20:45
Jason, you might try contacting Fujinon to see if they would be willing to sell you some new ones. Since the lens is still being manufactured (I think), they may be able to help.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
19-Apr-2004, 21:34
Thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted a few importers (Badger, MPEX) and will see what they can do. The problem is that there are no "official" importers, since both Jeff at Badger, and Jim and MPEX either travel to Japan to purchase lenses, or have a purchaser there. In short, unlike the German lenses and Nikon, Fujinon won't admit that it sells lenses in the US. Fujinon-USA sells medium format cameras and film: no LF gear. I have no idea why.

If the LF forum can't help, and Badger or MPEX can't get the lenses, I may ask a friend in Tokyo to track them down...

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
21-Apr-2004, 22:38
Well, due to the overwhelming response I contacted Jim at MidWest, and asked about ordering new ones. It turns out that he just placed a large order with Fuji, and will be getting a good number of the red and yellow disks sometime next month. So, if anyone is missing a disk, now is the time. Price is $29 per disk. I would be glad to make scans of the disks (when I get them) and pass them on.

Brian Shaw
16-Sep-2004, 09:24
I had such a difficult time finding the diffusion disk I needed so I reverse engineered the design and was going to make my own. It is do-able, but probably isn't economically feasible. Jim at MidWest has these disks now (September 2004) available for sale. Talk to Jim personally, however, since the sales staff may not be fully aware of them.

Ernest Purdum
16-Sep-2004, 11:46
Jason, It's nice to hear of this sort of problem coming to a good conclusion. I lose track of things all the time and it drives me nuts.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
16-Sep-2004, 14:00
Thanks Ernest.

Jim sent me both red and yellow-dot disks, so now my lens is complete. It is a testament to Midwest that they go out of their way to special order (Fuji had to manufacture new disks) and distribute something so obscure and cheap.

Oren Grad
7-Feb-2007, 09:27
How could I get in contact with Jim on Midwest?


tel +1 614 261 1264

jim@mpex.com (mailto:jim@mpex.com)

Struan Gray
7-Feb-2007, 15:29
Fredrik, you've got to win the auction first....

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
7-Feb-2007, 15:41
Amazing how old threads are reborn.

Struan Gray
8-Feb-2007, 01:08
Don't worry, I'm not biddng :-)

I would guess the disks are easy enough to make, especially if someone here will scan theirs for you as a pattern. The principles are pretty simple.

Jon Wilson
8-Feb-2007, 21:00
I recently picked up these cells with the disks for my copal 3s. I will try to scan the discs. Email me and I will forward the scans to those who want them. Jon

Jon Wilson
16-Feb-2007, 14:17
Hope these scans of the disks can be used. Also attached is a copy of the instructions. Email me should anyone need additional information, e.g., measurements etc. Jon

Jon Wilson
16-Feb-2007, 14:22
Disks did not get attached....:( Hope this works! :)

Diane Maher
16-Feb-2007, 20:17
Frederick, the disks are currently available from Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange. I recently acquired a disk from him for my lens.

Jan Pedersen
16-Feb-2007, 23:11
Just found a 180 SF for a good price and couldn't resist. How are these lenses performing without disks? As far as i can see they are all triplets which should make them somewhat soft compared to newer lens design.
Anybody using them without the disc?


Jan Pedersen
16-Feb-2007, 23:13
Two souls one thought

Ted Harris
17-Feb-2007, 13:36
IMO wide open and without the discs it is waaaay too soft.

Jon Wilson
18-Feb-2007, 20:35
Let's see if these revised scans of the disks I have with my 250mm Fujinon-SF lens work.

Jon Wilson
19-Feb-2007, 13:04
The flange for the 250mm Fujinon SF lens, which requires a copal 3s shutter,can be found through SK Grimes Shop-
Here is a link for the measurements and possibility to purchase the item. Jon

A cheap alternative to the newer copal 3s shutter is the old Fujinar shutters for their 180mm, 210mm or 250mm lens.

Jan Pedersen
19-Feb-2007, 14:07
IMO wide open and without the discs it is waaaay too soft.

Just received my 180 SF today and i agree with Ted, it is waaaay to soft without the disks. Obviously not designed to be used without.
It is a sweet little lens though.. :)

Ernest Purdum
19-Feb-2007, 19:03
For Jon Wilson. The shutter you are writing about sounds like the Shanel 5A. I would be interested in anything you can tell me about one with the Fujinar name. Is it a renamed Shanel do you know?

Jon Wilson
19-Feb-2007, 20:36
For Jon Wilson. The shutter you are writing about sounds like the Shanel 5A. I would be interested in anything you can tell me about one with the Fujinar name. Is it a renamed Shanel do you know?

Ernest, I have two of these shutters. They are both marked "Copal-No. 3" and have Fuji Photo Optical Co. Fujinar-SC lens. One set is 25cm f4.7 and the other one is
21cm f4.5. Each shutter has a serial number and state they were made in Japan.
SNs 643090 and 656804, respectively.

Neither shutter has reference to Shanel on them.

They both appear to be very early copal 3s shutters. Each shutter accepts the modern 240mm & 305mm Graphic Kowa lens which fit my modern copal 3s shutters.

If you wish, I can post or email you pictures.


Ernest Purdum
19-Feb-2007, 21:31
Jon, thank you. You have answered all my questions.