View Full Version : Which 120 film back for Zone VI camera?

8-Jan-2013, 09:48
I'm trying to figure out if Dayi back will work with my camera. If I understand correctly, it does not accept Graflok backs, so I'm wondering if there are any other options.
Thanks a lot for any advise!

Mark Sampson
8-Jan-2013, 09:57
I used the Calumet C2N back on mine occasionally. Slide-in types like that, or the Sinar backs, will work. So no to Horsemans, Linhofs, Graflexes, and other 'fat' roll backs. I'm sure Richard Ritter could make you a Graflok back for the ZVI. I asked him once about it but the cost (which I don't remember now) wasn't worth it to me.

Peter Gomena
9-Jan-2013, 00:25
I could not get a Calumet C1 roll film back to fit my Zone VI (Vermont-made) camera. The "ears" on the ground glass holder were too long. It did work on my Zone VI Wista camera, which had shorter "ears."

Drew Bedo
9-Jan-2013, 06:50
In the 1990s, I had a Burk and James 5x7. Ti didn't take too much to make a wooden reducing back that had a 4x5 Grafloc back.

I now own a 4x5 Zone VI (the smaller Wista-made model) and don't feel the need for the gGafloc's features . . . .but still feel that a little shop work could turn out a servicable Grafloc adaptor back for your camera. The zone VI made cameras have a larger body to work with as well.

As a last resort, and perhaps the best solution, would be to contact Richard Ritter to make up a new back. He probably made your camera anyway.