View Full Version : Are step-down rings usable?

18-Apr-2004, 21:33
I was standardized on filter size 67mm until just recently, when for some reason I bought a G-Claron 355mm, which takes a 77mm filter. Before I start building up a second series of filters (for just one lens), I am considering using a 77mm-to-67mm step-down ring, to use my existing 67's. Presumably this will vignette a little bit, but maybe not a lot, and given the large coverage of the G-Claron, I'm hoping that it will not impede on normal movements, at least on my 4x5, but also hopefully up to 8x10.

Am I dreaming, or is this a possibly ok idea? Anyone with experience using stepdown rings, please chime in with your opinions.

Currently I am using 5 filters: yellow, red, green, polarizer, and ND grade. TIA,

Kerry L. Thalmann
18-Apr-2004, 23:33
It will probably be fine on 4x5, but you will likely lose some coverage on 8x10 - especially if you try to stack more than one filter on front of the step-down ring.

I also standardized on 67mm filters many years ago. When I bought my 210mm APO Symmar (72mm filter size), I bought a 72mm - 67mm step-down ring and just leave it on the lens pretty much all the time. I've never had a problem with vignetting on 4x5 (or even 5x7). I may lose a mm or three off the published 305mm image circle, but it's never been a problem and I have yet to lose any sleep over it.

I did buy a couple 77mm filters a few years back, after I bought a 150mm Super Symmar HM for 5x7. I'm dabbling in 4x10 again these days, so I'll probably use those filters with the 210mm and a 72mm - 77mm step-up ring when I use it with the 4x10 camera, but for everything else I'll just leave the step-down ring on and use my 67mm filters.


Jim Galli
19-Apr-2004, 10:26
You may actually see improvement on 8X10 and smaller as you will most often only be shading non - image area the same as a lens shade would do.

Arne Croell
19-Apr-2004, 11:22
I have the same experience as Kerry - I have standardized on 67mm too (with a small set of 82mm filters as backup), and use a step-down ring on a 210mm Apo-Sironar S (72mm->67mm). No problems whatsoever on 4x5, even with a lot of movements.

Tom Johnston
20-Apr-2004, 21:09
Timely thread! Like others here, I am standardized on 67mm filters but I just bought a 14" Kodak Commercial Ektar lens. Fortunately, mine is threaded and has 72mm threads (I am told that most of those lenses are not threaded). I purchased a 72-67 step-down ring but I haven't used it yet because I had to return the lens to S.K. Grimes because they forgot to fix the cable release mechanism when they did other work on the lens. But judging from the comments here, I probably shouldn't have any problem with that setup when shooting 8x10".