View Full Version : Aristo VCL4500 dual dimmer or not?

Bulent Ozgoren
18-Apr-2004, 15:02
I am planning to buy the VCL4500 variable contrast light head. Should I get the standard model or dual model? The blue lamp is dimmable on standard model. Both blue and green lamps are dimmable on Dual models.

Brian Ellis
18-Apr-2004, 15:24
I've used the standard model for many years. I've never found a real need to dim the green light, just adding blue incrementally seems to work fine. That gives you 50 or so different potential contrasts. And of course you can cut off the green entirely even on the standard model. However someone who actually has the dual model would be in a better position to say how useful it's been.

Eric Woodbury
19-Apr-2004, 09:11
I had the dual, but did not use it much, so I don't have that much experience. I must say that when I did, I didn't adjust the green. It just isn't bright enough to begin with. I now use a cold light tube for VC filters and it is much better and not that inconvenient. Lots more light, too.

Bulent Ozgoren
21-Apr-2004, 01:51
Thanks for the replies. I understand there is not much need for a dual model.