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Jim Andrada
4-Jan-2013, 23:20
I've been using 3000 series tanks on my CPP2, but today I needed to run some 120 film in a 1520/30 tank

Even when attached to the lower gear on the lift the tank was not supported by the rollers on the lift arm. For a temporary measure I "shimmed" the end of the lift arm so the tank was level when resting in between the roller on the plastic base to which the small rollers are attached.

Is there a separate support/roller part for the smaller tanks? Would it slide onto the lift arms in place of the current unit? Is the crosspeice at the end of the lift arm removable to permit this?

Thanks much

5-Jan-2013, 00:06
Jim, I think for the 15xx drums you have to pull out the plastic pieces with the wheels on and just turn them so they 'point' towards the middle of the lift arms if that makes any sense. There's a drawing somewhere on the Jobo site...

5-Jan-2013, 00:16

5-Jan-2013, 04:42
specifically look at this section from the link tom sent:

you will not get even development if you don't adjust them. I use expert drum and my friend uses 25xx tank for his 120 film. the first time he used it he forgot to adjust the rollers and did not get even development.

send it to 10 people and you will get even development :cool: i know someone who didn't and got pictures of carrots instead of what he shot.

Jim Andrada
5-Jan-2013, 20:42
Thanks guys - much appreciated. I knew I had seen that picture somewhere before!

I rummaged through the parts that came with the Jobo when I got it used and found the little arms.