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4-Jan-2013, 15:17

I don't know if you will be able to help me but I have come across a Charles chevalier portraits lens and wondered if you would know anything about it, it has a a Charles chevalier deux dilles bn 1834 stamp I think, its hard to see and more markings, i have had some info on this but it is like reading Chinese to me, i have photos but it won't allow me to up load them


4-Jan-2013, 15:34
Sarah has a "photographe a verres combines (http://image.eastmanhouse.org/files/GEH_1961_10_05.pdf)"



4-Jan-2013, 16:27
A nice and exciting find ...

4-Jan-2013, 16:38
I see what you have done thanks Dan

Steven Tribe
5-Jan-2013, 02:42
According to 19th century authors, this was the greatest disapointment ever! Chevalier offered it for many years (decades?) but it never became popular.

5-Jan-2013, 04:54
First invented in 1840, these were sold for many years - 20 or more in fact. Here is an 1863 ad for the lens.



12-Jan-2013, 15:11
There was one on e**y, just sold for 255GBP. Not complete, missing top ring with apertures + cup/shutter and without R&P. Looks like with dust and fungus, or may be even separation.
It is interesting how much vintage lens looses in value when not complete, or may be it is missing some glass?

13-Jan-2013, 12:20
Do you have a link for that one? Some cheap lenses much later used the Chevalier name, but had nothing to do with the original maker. The ones I saw were common petzvals from the 1870s, and sell for a couple hundred. I see an original (that I was thinking of buying about a year ago) just sold for $2000 here 121009697215.

13-Jan-2013, 16:06
Sorry, I was thinking I posted nr. 150975515357
Looks original, at least the same as on CCHarrison's posted picture and looks like the same as in Eastman catalog (1st on bottom line, missing "shutter" as well).

13-Jan-2013, 16:48
Sorry, I was thinking I posted nr. 150975515357.

This ebay sale is the same lens that started this thread. It is missing some parts.


13-Jan-2013, 17:17
This ebay sale is the same lens that started this thread. It is missing some parts.


Yes. Flange, cup/shutter with aperture inserts and R&P*. Does it miss some glass elements? (If I'm not wrong this model had 2 groups only)

*Well, looks like that is enough to be worth nothing for collectors. But it should be a good experience to try and shoot with such lens (if all glass elements are there)