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4-Jan-2013, 02:50
Hello, I have a couple of Normas, small and big, and have been professionally using a series of disgusting lens hoods over the last forty years, black flower pots, black cardboard french flags etc

Finally I have got a long hex' rod and the corner clips for the 5x4" square bellows so I can use my big Heliars without flare, not that they are bad in that regard, but my 36cm one for 10x8" is uncoated

The problem is that the new hex' rod and corner clips won't work with the Norma (I imagined the side hex port would be the same distance and orientation as the one on the P/F etc. Easy answer is to send the clips back to my wholesaler and not pay, but this does not really solve the problem

So, if a Sinar F/P user will furnish me with the two distances marked a and b on the sketch I would be grateful. I shall use these measurements to make a pair of new hex' rod holders for my Normas

However, if there is such an adaptor out there in the universe, well, this bit of it, please let me know. This is my big one in need of a decent LH

86540 86541


Leonard Robertson
4-Jan-2013, 08:20
I'm facing the same thing myself. I have a 4X5 Norma and just received a couple of hex rods, corner clip, and bellows from an eBay seller. Not surprisingly the clip is for the newer generation Sinars. I found this post with great information:


Maybe that will give you an idea how to proceed.


16-Jan-2013, 17:14
Here is a picture of the front of my Sinar F+ with the area I think you are talking about circled. From your drawing, I wasn't sure which dimension you needed and I am not familiar with the Norma. In my picture, I am looking at the camera from the front. In your drawing, it looks like you are looking from the back, from the photographer's position. Just in case it is the dimension you are looking for, I've measured and marked it in my picture.
Good luck!


16-Jan-2013, 17:41
Sorry, left out the B measurement. Here it is again, measurements are from the centre of the rod mount opening.


Jerry Bodine
17-Jan-2013, 12:33
FYI, another option, rather than modifying the front standard, would be to acquire an F/P Multi-Purpose Standard 437.61 and place it in front of the lens - it has the hex rod receptacle in the correct location for use of the current Bellows Holder 437.31 (clips). According to the Sinar Catalog 2000/2001, page 3-10.


Drew Wiley
17-Jan-2013, 16:30
Gosh - all I had to do was file two extra flats at the back end of the hex rod, that way
I can use the bellows hood on the Noma in either the conventional rectangle position or
in a diamond one. Works great. There are also other ways to modify or replace the rod itself. No need for an extra bellows support or modification to the front standard itself.