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3-Jan-2013, 16:57
If you own the newer 8x10, you may be able to answer a couple questions I haven't found answers to online.

Can I focus a 90mm with the 4x5 reducing back and not see the bed? What if I use maximum fall?

With the 4x5 reducing back, can the fuji pa45 or polaroid 545 holders be used? From pics I've seen it looks like the back doesn't sit away from the wood blank far enough.

what are the optional bag bellows made of?

what's the longest lens that can be used on the bag bellows?

I would likely make my own reducing back but I still want to know about the film holder situation.
And yes, I've contacted Hugo but the factory is still on holiday.

4-Jan-2013, 06:17

4-Jan-2013, 14:37
8 x 10 bellows focused for a 90mm lens are fully compressed and there is almost no movement . Just a little swing and tilt, no raise or fall, or side to side movement.

6-Jan-2013, 12:55
My question does not concern the standard bellows. I'd use the bag bellows if need be.
I sent you an email jan 2nd regarding your camera, did you get it?

8-Jan-2013, 14:09
I got my answers from Hugo. I'm looking for a used 8x10 Chamonix.