View Full Version : Help with 90mm Lens

3-Jan-2013, 13:32
Hi.. im about to buy a 90mm lens but i can't make up my mind...

RODENSTOCK GRANDAGON N 90MM F6.8 vs Schneider Super Angulon 90 MM F 8

Will both lenses be Sharp ?

Unfortunately thats all i can afford at the moment ,, i know that 5.6 will be better ..

thanks !

3-Jan-2013, 13:34

Bob Salomon
3-Jan-2013, 13:43
And the Grandagon will be half a stop brighter for focusing and composing.

Are either or both MC coated?

3-Jan-2013, 15:20
Check out the coverage for each and buy the one that is the larger. You will eventually want all the movements you can get and that means the need for the bigger image circle.

Leonard Evens
3-Jan-2013, 16:04
The suggestion that you look up the image circles is correct. I have the Rodenstock lens, and I have found it to be very usable for my purposes. But I suspect the Schneider lens may have a larger image circle but for greater cost. If you are going to do architectural photography, you will find on occasion that you need a larger image circle.