View Full Version : Fp4 in pyrocat

Andy tymon
17-Apr-2004, 20:29
Does anyone have a start time for tray processing FP4 in pyrocat hd? I'm only going to be printing on gelatine silver papers. I've searched but only come up with times for btzs tube processing. Thanks in adavance

Donald Miller
17-Apr-2004, 21:19
My suggestion is to add about 10-15% to the BTZS tube time for tray processing times.

17-Apr-2004, 21:21

The development times I have provided for FP4+ in Pyrocat-HD are based on rotary processing in BTZS type tubes, but with very gentle rotation. Times should not be very different for development in tray with shuffle processing.

My recommendations at http://unblinkingeye.com/Articles/PCat/PCat4/pcat4.html are for about eight minutes for a CI fo .55 for silver printing with (my type) rotary processing. I think this should be about right for shuffle agitation in trays.

Andy tymon
19-Apr-2004, 09:54
Sandy and Donald thanks for your prompt replies. I shall start my tests with the recommended times. Best Regards Andy Tymon