View Full Version : Parts for Sinar F series?

Bruce B
2-Jan-2013, 18:22

Besides Sinar, does anyone have a notion of where one can still get parts for the Sinar F cameras? I need some small plastic parts that hold the rise/fall rods in place.

I've emailed Sinar and Bron, but no reply as yet. Know someone at either of those companies?

Thanks in advance,

Joshua Dunn
3-Jan-2013, 02:52

He is expensive but has almost everything and is good to talk to on the phone. I have bought some Sinar parts from him with good results.



Bruce B
3-Jan-2013, 12:36
Thanks, Joshua ! I'll write him soon. BAB

Bruce B
19-Jan-2013, 14:05
As per suggestions here and in the general equipment forum, I cut pieces out of a large nylon washer with a Dremel. The washer was 1.5mm in thickness, but I needed to bevel the side that fits into the rounded frame piece. I also bent a piece of brass shim stock to fit between the frame and nylon part, as a buffer against overzealous tightening of the threaded lock screw. Works fine and took maybe an hour total to fit both front and back standards.

Thanks to all who offered suggestions,


Peter De Smidt
19-Jan-2013, 18:22
Try Bob Watkins: http://precisioncameraworks.com/Pages/about.html