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1-Jan-2013, 23:42
So I purchased a 2D off of ebay that was listed as a 5x7 2D with a 4x5 reducing back. What I received on the other hand was an 8.5x6.5 2D with a 4x5 back glued into a few frames and then taped into the original back. I have the back all cleaned and back to its original state.

I'm in the process of replacing the ground glass and now am stuck wondering where to get 8.5x6.5 plate holders. I believe this is whole plate size? Am I correct?

I assume these old plate holders were pretty specialized per camera and not easy to come by. So my question is does anyone know of a place to purchase a 8.5x6.5 plate holder or does anyone have dimensions of a holder so I can build one myself?

The camera will be used for wet plate photography, if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help.

Peter Gomena
2-Jan-2013, 11:40
Vintage whole plate film holders are scarce, but they do show up. I've never seen a wet-plate holder in that size, but then I don't look for them.

You might ask Jody Ake about his wet plate holders. He makes 4x5 and 8x10, and may be able to help. See incameraindustries.com.

2-Jan-2013, 11:47
I have a wholeplate holder that might work for you. What you may not know is there were 3-4 different standards, so a lot of them are different. You can measure the inside of the back where the plate holder goes, and PM me. I'll look for the holder, it was a dryplate holder, and those can be used with wetplate, if you make a plexiglass insert. Search this forum and you'll see some pictures of what I mean.

2-Jan-2013, 16:30
Wow I didn't know there was never a single standard for whole plate. I'm brand new to LF so my measurements may be off but the place where the holder looks to fit is 7 7/8" by 9 3/8". Is this even close to a standard or if I'm way off can someone explain exactly what to measure?

Thanks guys

2-Jan-2013, 18:34
That is fine. That means an Eastman sized holder at 7 3/4 will work. The Rochesters are slightly narrower, and don't have a locking strip of wood to catch in a groove. The Kodaks and others do. There is even a third type that won't work in either.