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1-Jan-2013, 19:19
So I found a beat up old Aero Ektar for almost nothing, and I'm trying to figure out how to mount it to a Speed Graphic for some fun. I've read that 82-77mm stepdown rings can be used as flanges... would that work? I don't have the capability of making a flange (No lathe, etc) so perhaps something else could work? :confused:

1-Jan-2013, 19:29
google jolo

1-Jan-2013, 21:28
I've looked at that. Not only would it cost some five times what I paid for the lens, it would be wasted on it given the condition. (It's a serious beater) Besides, what fun would that be?

1-Jan-2013, 21:47
I've had a local machinist make me about 6 retaining rings for AE lenses. He's charged me $50 a piece. Look around at your local machinists and I bet you'll find a small shop willing to do a one-off for close to the same.

Denis Pleic
2-Jan-2013, 02:37
So I found a beat up old Aero Ektar for almost nothing, and I'm trying to figure out how to mount it to a Speed Graphic for some fun.

I'll be making a run of several Aero Ektar lens boards for Speed Graphics, similar to JoLo boards, but at a lower price (about 60EUR).
I'm having several made of machined aluminium blocks, anodized, etc... I'll be selling a couple to offset my costs.
Let me know if you're interested. I'll have those ready in about two weeks...

Jim Jones
2-Jan-2013, 07:27
One source http://www.flickr.com/groups/aeroektar/discuss/72157625955945666/ says it's an odd diameter, 3.050", and 24 tpi Whitworth threads. My rough measurements from an old aerial camera agree with this. A step-down ring would have metric threads. This would make a perhaps risky retainer for a heavy lens. I've considered boring and threading a lens board from aluminum plate for an Anniversary Speed Graphic, It would be an easier project than adapting a later Speed Graphic for the Aero Ektar.

2-Jan-2013, 16:59
Ah okay so filter threads are metric. 3.050" corresponds to 77mm so I figured there was a chance. How thick a flange should be enough?

2-Jan-2013, 17:42
I have a 0.65 kg (1 pound 7 ounce) Pentax 67 lens hanging off a 4 by 5 Speed Graphic lens board (94.45 by 92.8 mm with 10 mm radiused corners).
I made the lens board out of 2 sandwiched 6061 Al plates total thickness 0.25 inch (6.3 mm) and machined a bayonet mount in it with an outer diameter of 88 mm.
Concerned about the screws on the upper slide clamp, so I snug them but not too tight.
The tripod is hand carried with the Speed Graphic and this lens on , and in car etc, it is quite secure.
That front standard is quite strong; I presume a bit of tilt but the shots are sharp enough so far !

28-Dec-2014, 13:03
can I reignite this thread!

Tin Can
28-Dec-2014, 15:05
And now that I read that flange OD and pitch, I need to take apart my Gowlandflex and check it's threading. Maybe it's the same, I know it's in the same ballpark.

But I doubt a 4X5 Gowlandflex can handle an Aero Ektar as a viewing lens, as it has to be move up and down, but it may work as a taking lens, but then what lens matches back focus and is much lighter in weight?

More mysteries from the recent past...